Market map: Enterprise AI stack

Aug 17, 2023

AI will unlock the next leap in productivity. Consumer adoption is exploding, but AI startups will need to clear a higher bar to gain adoption in the enterprise.

To compete in Mario Kart, you need power-ups. Mushrooms, a popular item in the series, give players a boost to speed past competitors.

In the real world, AI is the mushroom unlocking a quantum leap in productivity. Goldman Sachs projects that 25-50% of all work could be replaced by AI, leading to a 7% increase (i.e. nearly $7T!) in global GDP over the next decade.

Consumers have rushed to adopt new AI-powered tools. ChatGPT alone crossed 100M users within the first three months of launch. On the other hand, enterprises have been relatively slow to adopt these tools. They recognize the value of this technology but the stakes for adoption are much higher.

Enterprises often have deep-seated workflows that are hard to change, tech debt that’s harder to adapt with, strict regulatory requirements, security concerns, and high quality standards that need to be met for adoption.

There is an emerging enterprise AI stack enabling enterprises to integrate AI at work and in their products usefully, consistently, and compliantly.  

In this deep dive into the Enterprise AI Stack, you’ll hear from investors and founders in the space about areas they’re excited by and what companies need to get right for enterprise AI adoption. We also highlight 120+ companies in the space.

We’re publishing this as a Google Doc so you can add your suggestions and input (there’s no doubt we missed some companies in this map). This is a living doc and will never be fully “complete”.

Check it out and add your comments.

Also, we will continue publishing more of these. Reach out to us to let us know which spaces you'd like to see researched and mapped in the future. :)

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