Market map: Vertical labor marketplaces

Dec 15, 2022

Work is changing quickly, leading to new opportunities to improve how talent and labor demand meet.

Our first map is on Vertical Labor Marketplaces and includes contributions from experts and founders in the space. Several changes in society (e.g. COVID, the rise of distributed work, aging populations within certain verticals) and technology (e.g. web3, AI, robotics) make this space particularly interesting.

We’re publishing this as a Google Doc so you can add your input, because we know this can never be fully “complete”.

Check it out, add your comments, and let us know what markets you would like us to map in the future. :)

P.S. Thank you to Pete Flint, D’Arcy Coolican, Michael Tam, and Ben Yoskovitz for their influence on and contributions to this post. Thank you also to Raveesh Bhalla, Justine Moore, Nikunj Verma, Nikita Gupta, Sean Linehan, Nadav Weizmann, and Vartika Manasvi for helping us identify companies in this space. Lastly, shout out to Eric Little for leading this first map.

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