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2022's Inaugural Emerging 50

In alphabetical order by fund name.
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Mike Rosengarten

1121.VC was launched by Mike Rosengarten, CEO of Camino and former CTO of OpenGov. 1121 invests in founders at the earliest stages who want deep operating experience from fellow peers. Every LP at 1121 is a builder who has been through at least one startup journey. 1121 leverages this deep experience and collaborative network to help founders succeed.
Investor In: Augment, CultureScience, and Liquifi.Finance
"Mike is an incredible day 0 partner. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and help out in any way he can, from doing deep dives on product feedback to making incredible customer referrals. He is so much more than a check; he does whatever it takes to help you succeed." — Ori Konstantin (Co-Founder, CultureScience)
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Vijen Patel

81 Collection
The 81 Collection is a founder’s fund for hard industries based in Chicago. The founding GP sold his start-up to Procter & Gamble (now known as Tide Cleaners), and others involved include the founders of Grubhub, ShipBob, Tovala, Protege, Farmer’s Fridge, and others. Their inaugural $41M fund backs pre-seed and seed start-ups across the 81% of US GDP that is under-served by venture capital (from brick & mortar to manufacturing to services). They aim to alter the 'j-curve’ in these industries, short-cutting entrepreneurial journeys to find product market fit in 2-3 years instead of 4 years.
Investor In: Bonside, Mezo, and Dentologie
"Vijen and 81 Collection differentiate themselves on our Cap table by being helpful to a truly different level. When asked, their team delivers an incredible amount of hands-on value and consistently goes above and beyond what we could hope for. Vijen embodies a unique combination of a deeply experienced founder/operator and also a razor sharp VC; and he was so helpful after their initial investment, we opened up a second tranche just to increase their position. Vijen makes us better everyday with his direct feedback, delivering on our key asks, and his intense founder loyalty." — Ben Christensen (Founder, Cambium Carbon)
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Mendel Chuang & Derek Langton

Acquired Wisdom Fund
Acquired Wisdom Fund helps seasoned professionals create scalable technology products. AWF.VC invests in early stage tech startups at the pre-seed and seed stage. As software generalists, they invest broadly across both B2B and B2C startups.
Investor In: Angler AI, Clafiya, and Achievable
"Mendel has been our biggest cheerleader. He was our first money in and has always been there to give us advice on key issues we face. Mendel is very kind and thoughtful, and puts the entrepreneur and their needs first." — Tyler York (Co-Founder, Achievable.me)
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Ben Armstrong, Quentin Wallace, & Rayn Ong

Archangel Ventures
Archangel Ventures is a pre-seed and seed fund backing breakout Australian founders solving global problems at the earliest stages. The team has a unique combination of startup, scale up and corporate experience as former founders, operators and angel investors.
Investor In: Aerotruth, Agave, and Atelier
"Renowned tastemaker VC in pre-seed/seed in Australia, Ben comes from a heralded background and showed depth and speed of insight that was uncharacteristic from the 100s of partners we spoke to, continuously helpful in guiding the management of our strategy and product direction. He's the perfect balance of interested/supportive without being controlling." — Thomas Kelly (Co-Founder, Heidi Health)
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Pedro Sorrentino, Pedro Dias, & Gabriel Sabbag

Atman Capital
Atman Capital is a pre-seed and seed cross-border fund investing in LaTam and the US. Their motto is to partner with inevitable people. Atman operates under a community of founders called The Atman Egregore. All collective members are LPs in the fund and portfolio founders and receive carried interest based on deal sourcing, aside from having an off-the-record community for their personal growth and development.
Investor In: Bamboo, Chico.ai, and Pipefy
"Pedro has strong experience in Latin America with a deep network in the United States. He has built a fund that truly supports invested companies with resources like PR and recruiting while also supporting the founders personally with development feedback and networking events. Highly recommend working with Pedro!" — Arthur Joseph O'Keefe IV (LP)
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Alana Goyal

Base Case Capital
Base Case Capital is an early-stage venture firm by builders, for builders. They help technical founders nail their "base case" — recruiting their first engineers, securing their first customers, and raising their first institutional round — and "recurse" onwards.
Investor In: Supabase, Orb, and Diagram
"Alana and the base case community feel like family. From the customer introductions that led to our first paying customers, to the founding engineer dinners that connected us with our strongest candidates, to the product feedback that has helped shape our roadmap, she's there where we need it the most. Alana is our first call and we couldn't imagine building Motif without her." — Michael Fester & Marie Schneegans (Co-Founders, Motif)
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Antoine Nivard, Hannah Chelkowski, & Abhi Tiwari

Blank Ventures
Blank is a seed-stage fund focused on founders encoding financial innovation into software. Founded by a diverse team of former operators and investors with over 15 years' experience from Stripe, AWS, Initialized and Inovia. Their networks and insights are highly specialized allowing them to make quick decisions and focused introductions to other founders or strategic partners. Before founding Blank, the team invested in Lithic, Spotnana, Rapyd, Lightspeed Commerce, Neo Financial amongst others.
Investor In: Mercantile, Receive, and Preczn
"Abhi, Antoine and Hannah engaged deeply at the earliest stage. Their insight, network and support were massive contributors to our early success. They've continued to provided outsized help - I'd encourage any Fintech founder to work with the Blank team! " — Luke Finney (Co-Founder, Mercantile)
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Cam Doody & Matt Patterson

Brickyard is a pre-PMF venture firm and residency that requires its founders to "burn the ships" and build heads-down alongside other portfolio companies for a minimum of 1 year at its private club in Chattanooga, TN. Founded by Cam Doody and Matt Patterson were previously co-founders of relocation-giant Bellhop.
Investor In: Brev, Shappi, Coast
"There is currently a need in the marketplace for founders post seed, pre series A. Brickyard has uniquely filled that gap with a one of a kind founder community and workspace." — Austin Pager (Co-Founder, Coast)
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Yoann Berno, Malin Carlstrom, Doerte Hirschberg, Stefan Maard, & Morten Halborg

Climentum Capital
Climentum Capital invests in European startups focused on cutting down megatons of CO2 equivalents in a concrete and measurable way. The fund targets late Seed and Series A investments into sectors that demonstrate the largest CO2 reduction potential.
Investor In: Entocycle, Qvantum, and Continuum
"Yoann was truly instrumental in helping us close our Series A. He introduced us to high-caliber investors that helped us reshape our internal culture and set major strategic decisions to go on and generate significant commercial traction." — Keiran Whitaker (Founder, Entocycle)
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Carmen Alfonso Rico & Anthony Danon

Cocoa Ventures
Founded by VCs-turned-angels Carmen & Anthony, Cocoa invests angel checks in European pre-seed/seed companies and supports founders as their in-house VC. For years, Carmen & Anthony were VCs at large funds, angel investing on the side (Hopin, Primer, SideQuest and 35+ more). Now with Cocoa, they invest collaborative angel checks and bring in their VC experience & network to help founders hack the system from the inside, with independent, unfiltered investor insights. Cocoa is backed by tech founders and doesn’t have any investment from VC funds.
Investor In: Atlar, Speckle, and This.one
"A founder friend raised from Carmen previously, and said she was the single biggest help to getting his company off the ground. I can only concur: Carmen and Cocoa has helped me, a first time founder, navigate fundraising both with practical advice, as well as the subtle aspects of unwritten VC rules and expectations. To top off they truly care, made obvious through numerous thoughtful check-ins, questions, and surprises!" — Eric Hansander (Co-Founder, Peach)
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Ariana Thacker

Conscience VC
Ariana Thacker is the Founding Partner of Conscience VC, an early-stage firm founded with the mission to generate a positive and scalable impact for the individual by partnering with technical founders. Ariana has extensive deep tech investment experience, with a portfolio of 50+ early-stage investments and prior VC experience. She is a chemical engineer, with a focus on bio, and has technical operating experience across Fortune 500 companies to formation-stage start-ups and academic spin-outs.
Investor In: The Last Gameboard, Revela, and Tiny Health
"Ariana is a force to be reckoned with. Once she invests, she has 1000% conviction in the company and will be your biggest advocate. She's our hardest working investors and will go the distance for us!" — Cheryl Sew Hoy (Co-Founder, Tiny Health)
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Igor Taber & Jeremy Achin

Cortical Ventures
Cortical Ventures is an AI-focused early stage seed fund launched by Jeremy Achin (founder and former CEO of DataRobot, an AI company with > $6B market cap) and Igor Taber (former Managing Director at Intel Capital, early investor and SVP of Corporate Development at DataRobot). Cortical combines deep domain knowledge, operating experience and machine intelligence to incubate and invest in companies leading the AI revolution. The firm is backed by top institutional LPs, VC firms, top AI founders, operators and industry luminaries.
Investor In: Weaviate, Neocybernetica, and OthersideAI
"As an AI company, we aimed to raise from funds that deeply understood the AI space and where it's heading. Igor has been ahead of the curve, focusing on this area long before it was 'hot', with a great perspective on the market. Beyond AI-specific help, Igor has consistently provided immensely valuable coaching and advice...he's never pushy and doesn't give unsolicited advice. But when I ask for help, he'll jump on the phone immediately to help me figure out how to solve the current issue I'm facing." — Matt Shumer (Co-Founder, OthersideAI)
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Brom Rector

Empath Ventures
Empath Ventures invests in startups turning the potential of psychedelic medicine to positively impact the lives of billions of people suffering from mental health issues. Empath was founded by Brom Rector, a former hedge fund portfolio manager, longtime psychedelic enthusiast and host of a popular psychedelics podcast.
Investor In: Pangea Botanica, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, and Freedom Biosciences
"We invested in Empath because we believe in psychedelic medicine’s potential to transform mental healthcare, addiction treatment and more. Empath’s team has a high level of domain expertise & unparalleled access to deals in the space." — Jim O'Shaughnessy (LP)
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Declan Kelly

Foreword VC
Foreword is an early-stage fund investing in founders throughout their initial chapters. Foreword invests small collaborative tickets in pre-seed/seed B2B and consumer companies globally, with a focus on Europe. Solo GP, Dec Kelly, has built a unique network through his involvement in top funds and tech conferences, which allows him to help founders on all things GTM, fundraising, and community building, while also being supported by an LP collective of over 80 experienced founders and operators.
Investor In: Figures, Loctax, and Yonder
"Since his time at Websummit, Dec has built one of the best networks in venture across Europe, the US and Asia. He’s loved by the founders he works with and is able to source amazing companies at the earliest stage." — Sia Houchangnia (LP)
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Coley O'Brien & Kumar Ujjwal

Fortified Ventures
Coley, Kumar, and the investment/advisory team at Fortified Ventures (formerly 44 Venture Opportunities) invests in pre-seed through Series A opportunities in the blockchain + real estate and emerging proptech spaces, including real-world asset use cases, on-chain asset tokenization/fractionalization, compliant-tech, infrastructure, and adjacent DeFi/TradeFi (web2.5) structured finance solutions.
Investor In: Rigor, Brightvine, and End-labs
"Coley has been an awesome resource for our team at Homebase. He's given us real-time real estate market insights, GTM feedback, and even reviewed our pitch deck when we were fundraising. Highly recommend their fund to any founder I meet with." — Domingo Valadez (Co-Founder, Homebase)
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Mark Scianna

Forward Deployed VC
Mark is the General Partner at Forward Deployed VC, a fund backing mission-driven engineers modernizing America’s industrial base, with investments in National Security, Public Safety, Transportation, and Energy. Previously, he was a founding member of Palantir’s defense team, spending 11 years as a Forward Deployed Engineer.
Investor In: AmpUp, Paladin Drones, and Zensors
"Given his experience as an early engineer at Palantir and percipient.ai, Mark has a very strong intuition on both execution and building great products. This has paid off countless times when I was in need of advice with regards to hiring & product strategy." — Craig Weiss (Founder, Rome)
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Lolita Taub

Ganas Ventures
Ganas invests $100K checks into pre-seed and seed community-driven companies in the US and Latin America and helps them grow through the power of community. They're sector agnostic but currently interested in supporting founders working in the future of work, creator economy, e-commerce, and fintech.
Investor In: Latitud, Around, and Shappi
"We met Lolita around Dec 2021. Back then, we didn't have a community and she challenged us to build one due to our business model. 6 month later, we had a community responsible for most of our lead generation. We wanted to keep executing in that direction alongside Lolita." — Martin Haiek (Co-Founder, Around)
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Rishi Taparia & Arpan Punyani

Garuda Ventures
Garuda Ventures is a B2B-focused, pre-seed and seed fund led by Rishi Taparia and Arpan Punyani. Rishi and Arpan are seasoned startup operators and investors with experience at companies including Okta, Poynt, Matrix Partners, and Scale Venture Partners. They help founders go from zero to one, run toward the risks, and form strong foundations to build durable, iconic businesses. Their primary areas of focus are B2B Applications, Fintech & Commerce, Security & Infrastructure, and Climate.
Investor In: Evergrow, Iconic Air, and OpsHelm
"The Garuda team is comprised of extremely talented operators-turned-investors, and they have previously built companies from inception to IPO and beyond. Their reputation as world class partners to early stage entrepreneurs is a clear differentiator that helps them win in competitive deals. They focus on sectors where they have built businesses themselves and have deep networks, which allows them to meaningfully impact the trajectory of their portfolio companies." — Amit A. Patel (LP)
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Mario Gabriele

Generalist Capital
Generalist Capital invests in companies worth writing about. Founded in 2022 by Mario Gabriele, the $15 million fund leverages Gabriele's lessons in founding The Generalist, a popular tech publication, to help companies master their narrative, build a network, and capitalize on distribution. Though generalist in scope, Generalist Capital focuses on Series A investments across fintech, crypto, and enterprise SaaS.
Investor In: Beamo, Efficient Capital Labs, and Vanta
"Mario has one of the best understanding of new trends and is able to connect with some of the top industry leaders. He’s also one of the sharpest and nicest people I know in early stage VC." — Etienne Brunet (LP)
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Bing Chen & Megan Ruan

Gold House Ventures
Gold House Ventures is the definitive fund investing in Asian Pacific-founded startups. General Partners Bing Chen, Megan Ruan, and Eric Feng launched the $30 million fund in 2022 to reimagine C-Suites and boardrooms for the demographic least likely to be promoted to management: Asian Pacific leaders. Gold House Ventures seeks to upend archetypal understandings of what it means to be Asian and a founder, while minting a new generation of industry titans.
Investor In: Weee!, Binance US, and Partake Foods
"We chose to partner with Gold House Ventures because we've seen first hand how hard they work to champion their portfolio founders through their entire celebrity and influencer network and how they constantly look for opportunities to bring brand and revenue partnership opportunities to the table. The entire team at Gold House Ventures has proactively driven value for immi week on week and we've happily recommended them to every founder in our network." — Kevin Lee (Founder, immi)
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Eric Seufert

Heracles Capital
Heracles Capital is an early-stage venture fund that invests in the products and technologies that will define the next era of mobile engagement. Heracles Capital is focused on investing at the pre-seed on the content and infrastructure technologies like ad tech, analytics, personalization, and privacy-centric data storage and processing that will empower the future of mobile.
Investor In: Spindl, Bit Odd, and Assetario
"Eric's deep expertise in the mobile ecosystem and attention to impacts initiatives like Apple ATT have on publishers, advertisers, and the greater ecosystem as a whole makes him the most valuable name on our cap table. His ability to open doors, articulate the value proposition of our service, and immediately grasp any hurdles we might face make his capital the easiest decision we had to make." — Keith Petri (Founder, lockrMail)
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Scott Howard

House Of Ventures
House Of Ventures invests early in technical founding teams creating the building blocks of the future - they're looking for teams taking big shots that can do the work.” House Of has a unique model to help the portfolio companies it backs - they’re building a platform which connects founders to their LPs, including family offices and individuals who built industry-leading companies, for help with pilots, partnerships, go-to-market, and more. Scott has a long history building platforms to support hundreds of entrepreneurs, at an accelerator, incubator, venture studio, and now a venture fund.
Investor In: Oxen and Sydecar
"Scott and House Of Ventures are building an LP base including next-gen members from industry leading families and designing a fund operating model that I have not seen before, creating a platform for a community of LP’s to learn together and collectively unlock strategic value for the portfolio companies. Sometimes family offices are an afterthought in venture and with this model we feel like we are earning a seat at the table with both entrepreneurs and fellow venture capital firms, allowing us to feel like more than a check and participate as value add investors in a way that wasn’t possible before." — Ben VanderWeide (LP)
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Gautam Shewakramani

Inuka Capital
Inuka Capital is a pre-seed and seed stage fund to back technology companies being built in India that rely on product-led growth and network effects for traction and competitive advantage. The fund is being built on the experience of Gautam Shewakramani’s (the GP) 50+ angel investments, many of which have raised follow-on rounds from firms like Accel, Nexus and Sequoia. Product-led growth is an area in which Gautam has deep expertise, working at the intersection of product and investing as a product leader at Quora and Skillshare, and most recently as a partner at On Deck's accelerator fund.
Investor In: Piiko and Codecrafters
"Gautam’s experience as one of the top operators and angels in India uniquely positions him to build a generational firm and support founders in a meaningful way. Founders I know who have worked with Gautam have consistently said incredible things, be it about his ability to unblock them on go-to-market challenges or support them on their future fundraising rounds. Put simply, very few people in the world have his expertise in the context of the Indian technology ecosystem." — Afraj Gill (LP)
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Tommy Leep

Jetstream invests in pre-seed climate tech startups, mostly software. GP Tommy Leep started the fund to help founders get funded and connected from the start. Previously Tommy worked with Floodgate, Haystack, AngelList, and Congruent Ventures. Before climate, he invested early in Robinhood, Patreon, Mercury, and Clubhouse.
Investor In: WattCarbon, Simplifyber, and Topanga
"One of the best early-stage climate investors on the planet. Particularly helpful in crafting narratives for fundraising and company identity." — McGee Young (Founder, WattCarbon)
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Adam Besvinick

Looking Glass Capital
Looking Glass invests across the themes of health, climate, and empowerment (education, tools and platforms serving small and medium-sized businesses, and products that enable access, identity, or self-expression). Prior to starting Looking Glass, Adam invested for five years in pre-seed through Series C companies, including Transfix, BigID, One Concern, NomNom, and Plant Prefab, at Deep Fork Capital and Anchorage Capital Group.
Investor In: Hone Health, WattCarbon, and Polimorphic
"Adam had rave reviews from other founders that he has worked with over the years, and our experience working with him has definitely lived up to-and surpassed-our expectations. Adam is extremely intelligent and thoughtful which makes him an invaluable thought partners on nearly every aspect of our business from fundraising, to strategic partnerships, to sales team structure and strategy." — Melissa Tran (Co-Founder, Earlyday)
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Stephan Cizmar & Nick Wijnberg

Lorimer Ventures
Lorimer Ventures is an operator-led pre-seed to series A investment firm. The fund’s partnership is made up of experienced builders, founders, operators, and investors. They have hands-on experience building companies from idea to IPO.
Investor In: Circuit Mind, Nibble Health, and Oatfi
"Instead of speaking in hyperbole, I'll just tell you what Lorimer has actually done for us since investing. They've made countless, high quality candidate introductions for jobs we've posted, introduced us to core vendors who we love, facilitated real customer conversations, and have come to the table with specific ideas for how to improve our core product and business model. Finding VCs + operators who contribute with this frequency, and at this level, is really hard - Lorimer's impact extends as far as, if not farther than, any fund with whom we've partnered." — Steven Greene (Co-Founder, Nibble Health)
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Mark Ghermezian

M]x[v Capital
m]x[v Capital is a NY based $50MM venture fund, founded by Mark Ghermezian. Its check sizes range from $500K - $1.5MM, while exclusively focusing on early stage (pre seed and seed) B2B SaaS opportunities. Mark Ghermezian is a serial entrepreneur and successful investor with 20+ years of experience in founding, building, and investing in early-stage SaaS startups. Before becoming the Founder and General Partner at m]x[v Capital, Mark co-founded Braze (BRZE) and led the company as it’s founding CEO for over 8 years, pioneering a new category from ideation to IPO (Braze IPO’d in November 2021).
Investor In: Mailmodo, Epoch, and Devrev
"Mark has experience as the founder/CEO at Braze (now a public company), and he has unique expertise as a SaaS founder-turned investor." — Nikhil Basu Trivedi (LP)
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Anke Huiskes, Micha Hernandez van Leuffen, & Paul Veugen

NP-Hard Ventures
Anke Huiskes, Micha Hernandez van Leuffen and Paul Veugen started NP-Hard Ventures to bundle their operating experience in tech, product & GTM, and their supercharged US/EU network, to fund the best product-obsessed founders creating the building blocks of tomorrow.
Investor In: Universe Energy, tldraw, and eDRV
"They are an excellent team of ex-operators. They were exceptionally helpful in helping us close our funding round with introductions to other VCs. We really like working with them because they are extremely entrepreneurial and go that extra mile." — Rupul Safaya (Co-Founder, eDRV)
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Chris Taylor & James Mumma

Nomad Ventures
Nomad Ventures is an LA-based Early Stage Venture Fund focused on marketplace businesses at the pre-seed and seed stage. The GPs, Chris Taylor and James Mumma, are entrepreneurs who have helped build some of the fastest growing startups in recent history (Uber, Uber Eats, Opendoor, Bird). They support founders by providing both deep expertise and capital to build the next wave of iconic startups. Having lived and hired in cities all across the US, they leverage their deep, geographically diverse network to invest in companies all across America.
Investor In: Intro, Minoan, and Lunch
"Chris and James have been extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. From a cultural perspective, they genuinely care about being helpful and being empathetic to the entrepreneur’s journey. Functionally, their operational expertise is exceptional and their pool of talent that they can tap into is vast - helping us land a crucial head of Ops hire. Glad they’re on our side!" — Raad Mobrem (Co-Founder, Intro)
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Blaise Matuidi & Ilan Abehassera

Origins is funding meets influence. Their LPs are athletes and celebrities with a social media following of 160M+, which they leverage to bring visibility to their portfolio startups and boost their growth. World soccer champion Blaise Matuidi (GP) has teamed up with veteran founder and investor Ilan Abehassera (GP) and Goldman Sachs/Meta alumni Salomon Aiach (Co-Founder & Investor), as well as premier League champion Yohan Benalouane (Co-Founder & Investor) and investor Lara Fakhry (Associate), to back early-stage consumer startups in North America and Europe.
Investor In: Matchday, Upway, and Stadium Live
"Blaise and his team have a great reputation as founder friendly investors, and they’ve been the most helpful out all of our investors - from high value introductions, to Blaise himself personally helping with our launch. I’ve founded and exited two companies in the past, and Blaise stands out." — Razmig Hovaghimian (Co-Founder, Matchday)
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Janine Sickmeyer

Overlooked Ventures
Overlooked Ventures is a pre-seed/seed-stage fund investing in historically ignored founders of tech and tech-enabled startups building for humanity, wellness, and industries lacking innovation. Janine Sickmeyer, Founding and General Partner, is a 2x startup founder and investor passionate about backing and advancing overlooked entrepreneurs.
Investor In: Blooming Health, Moment AI, and Carpe DM
"Janine is the genuine embodiment of the "value add investor". I got to know her before she invested in Blooming Health, while helping us on multiple key problems we were solving at the early stages of my startup. As an overlooked founder herself and understanding the value of every single dollar, she educated and encouraged us to build and run a distributed lean operation and extend our runway to PMF, before anyone else in the market started talking about the age of "austerity". It was obvious that this is the type of partner we want to have alongside us for the long and hard journey of building our business." — Nima Roohi, Ph.D. (Co-Founder, Blooming Health)
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Ken Horenstein

Pack Ventures
Pack Ventures is a pre-seed and seed venture fund investing in bold founders from the University of Washington (UW) network. They are industry agnostic and invest broadly across software, hardware, and life sciences, with more than 15 startups backed in less than 18 months. Pack taps into campus spins outs coming from more than $1B+ in federal research dollars and more than 500K UW Alumni to find the next industry-defining company.
Investor In: Proxi.co, Zordi, and Phase Genomics
"Joining Ken and Pack Ventures was a no-brainer for us because we were given direct access to the University of Washington startup network. Ken goes further by becoming a direct line for any ideas, questions, or blockers. He doesn’t hesitate to meet us in person to dive into any problem we have for him. We have been extremely impressed with Pack Ventures’ level of support, even before we were thinking about raising capital." — Devin Ajimine & Pouya Rad (Co-Founders, LifeAt.io)
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Josh Schlisserman

Picks and Shovels
Picks and Shovels is an operator-led VC firm run by solo GP Josh Schlisserman. They invest in pre-seed and seed stage startups selling infrastructure and tooling for crypto, fintech, the boring, mundane, and whacky. Josh works as Chief of Staff at Series Financial (employee #1), a picks and shovels company that facilitates all of the activity that happens in capital markets by building tools for institutions.
Investor In: Olympix, Nibiru, and Skip
"Josh was our first supporter, committed a check without a lead investor. Helped us fill our cap table with amazing investors via connections + recommendations. Helped us interview candidates and make connections to an unbelievable amount of people." — Anne Wen (Co-Founder, Stell Engineering)
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Shane Sabine & John VanMeter

Punch Capital
Punch Capital backs courageous immigrants via their network of founders who've built startups worth $11.75B combined. Shane has been a venture partner at Blockchain Founders Fund (Magna) and NextGen (Mercury), on Brown's student fund advisory board alongside Bain Crypto and Bessemer, and an advisor to fintech and web3 founders with hundreds of millions in exits. John earned his Masters in Law from American University and has a deep knowledge of venture.
Investor In: doola, Thera, and Mera Gaon
"Shane was one of my early believers upon graduating YC, and I increased his check size prior to raising a second tranche at a higher valuation. He offered to connect me to a good handful of investors throughout my raise, and his encouragement sparked my writing investor updates. He has provided valuable biz dev intros, and I've sent founder friends his way because of his high-ROI check." — Akhil Reddy (Co-Founder, Thera)
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Brian Aoaeh & Lisa Morales-Hellebo

REFASHIOND Ventures is an early-stage Supply Chain Technology fund that champions and invests in early-stage startups reinventing global, industrial supply chains through scalable networks, platforms, ecosystems, and information infrastructure, and defensible through economic moats. The Co-founders and General Partners of the fund are Brian Aoaeh, and Lisa Morales-Hellebo. In 2017, Brian and Lisa founded The New York Supply Chain Meetup and The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, the world's first grassroots-driven, open, and multidisciplinary network of communities focused on supply chains, innovation, and technology.
Investor In: Natural Fiber Welding, Lynq Technologies, and Sunthetics
"They are my go to for several things. When I’m excited about a win. When I’m lost after taking an L. When I need to throw some ideas against the wall. They’re there and available and proactive about it too. We accepted funding from them because they’re good people and they’re supply chain experts. The fact that they’re respected with strong networks is a huge plus." — Yasin Abbak (Co-Founder, GroupUps)
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Euan Guttridge & Liam Krut

Reinforced Ventures
Reinforced Ventures beats the rush on early stage deeptech. The GPs are ex-founders who've built a network of 1650+ engineers, entrepreneurs, and scientists to evaluate the team, technology, and timing before the financial value is obvious.
Investor In: AcousticaBio, Glyph Platforms, and Velontra
"The team is one of the best I've ever seen at sourcing high quality deals and providing top notch, high-level expertise to founders in the BioTech and Autonomous vehicle space." — Michael Finch (LP)
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Lauren Lentz & Otto Birnbaum

Revent is an early-stage fund backing founders solving real problems for the planet and for society. With its community of operators and scientists, Revent is partnering with the next wave of exceptional founders who believe that large, systemic challenges like climate change and the rising cost of health care are the most important entrepreneurial opportunities of our time. GPs Otto Birnbaum and Lauren Lentz bring unique track in measuring societal and planetary benefits, along with a decade of seed stage investment experience.
Investor In: Noscendo GmbH, Sylvera, and Resourcify
"Great and experienced team and passionate about impact. Revent was able to help us very hands-on to push some strategic topics to the next level. In our case they helped big time with our impact strategy as well as with our pricing strategy." — Inas Nureldin (Founder, Tomorrow)
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Brian McCullough

Ride Home Fund
The Ride Home Fund is an early stage fund that builds on the reach of the Techmeme Ride Home podcast. The Ride Home Fund leverages the podcast platform for investors, deal-flow and distribution. Portfolio companies have access to the podcast megaphone at key times in their earliest development to "launch their legend" in their own words.
Investor In: T2.social, Grupa.io, and BioCorteX
"There’s money, smart money, and smart good money. Brian is the rare third. Unique combo of: quickly understood and has been a sounding board for a huge/ unconventional vision (without being scared off), has brought great media exposure and community, all while being genuine and values-driven." — Mario Vasilescu (Co-Founder, Readocracy.com)
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Alex Pattis & Chris Zarou

Riverside Ventures
Riverside Ventures is an early-stage venture fund founded by experienced operators with untraditional paths into venture capital. Chris & Alex's career began a decade ago as founders/operators and, in the last several years, have become prolific angel investors. Chris founded an artist management agency that included Logic and sold it to Live Nation. Alex has had 2 exits as an early employee to private equity and a publicly traded company.
Investor In: Repreach, Selfbook, and Efficient Capital Labs
"Incredible hustle / ambition, track record of getting into great investments (and early before top funds), and a GP that founders have thanked me for introducing them too." — Bryan Rosenblatt (LP)
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Anthony Avedissian, NiMA Ashgari, Timour Kosters, & Jess Sloss

Seed Club Ventures
Seed Club Ventures is a Venture DAO backing early-stage founders building at the intersection of web3 and community. With a membership of 60+ leading innovators and investors in crypto, Seed Club Ventures is diverse in its ability to support projects throughout their life cycle. Launched in partnership with Seed Club, the leading network and accelerator for DAO builders, their mission is to build a community-owned internet.
Investor: Stability AI, Molecule, and Guild
"From a founder perspective, SeedClub was the one entity that really helped us get off the ground. We had all the VCs pass on us pre-product, only SCV sensed potential and wrote out first cheque." — Raz (Founder, Guild)
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David Evans, Jon Eberly, & Kishore Khandavalli

Sentiero Ventures
Sentiero invests in early seed-stage, AI-enabled software companies that solve real business problems through the use of artificial intelligence. They invest in startups that have a full product ready and have some evidence of market viability, typically revenue or completed pilots. All 3 partners have built, scaled, and exited companies and over 70% of their investors and advisors are entrepreneurs, which gives them a hands-on tactical view of the challenges and opportunities companies will face as they grow.
Investor In: SingleKey, Notably, and Sumatra
"David's expertise in AI and ability to evaluate early stage AI companies. No hype and transparency is a key attribute that attracted me to this venture. I will invest in his next fund as well." — Benné Betté (LP)
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Omri Casspi & David Citron

Sheva VC
Sheva is a technology investment firm focused on backing the best and the brightest of the Israeli startup ecosystem. Founded by Omri Casspi, the first Israeli player in the NBA and David Citron, a seasoned VC in Israel, Sheva provides a unique combo at the GP level, by leveraging their highly differentiated yet complimentary backgrounds in order to generate real value to the firm's portfolio.
Investor In: Antic.xyz, LibLab.com, and Upwind.io
"We are very excited about our partnership with Sheva. Omri and David's unique combination at the GP level is the winning recipe for a successful fund. When it comes to measuring an emerging fund, we focus on coverage of the startup landscape, access to the AAA+ deals, and the ability to provide tangible value. Omri's background as one of the most successful personas in Israel, and David's career as. a pre-seed investor, creates an unfair advantage for Sheva to see all the deals, get an allocation in the top 1% of Israeli startups, and create real commercial value for their portfolio." — Ori Keren (LP)
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Jonathan Lacoste

Space.VC is the premier early-stage Space Tech fund. Space. VC invests in startups building at the intersection of space and other industries, such as climate, defense, AI and software. Led by GP Jonathan Lacoste, a former founder who dropped out of college and exited his startup for 9-figures, Space.VC is based in Austin, TX.
Investor In: Pixxel Space, True Anomaly, and Modern Intelligence
"Jonathan is a successful former founder, having been a CEO for 10 years & selling his company for a significant exit. Space.VC has been our most operationally helpful VC, with deep domain expertise, introducing us to customers, helping raise capital, negotiating term sheets & contracts, and strategizing our product roadmap. Space.VC is truly an extension of our founding team." — Yanni Barghouty (Co-Founder, Cosmic Shielding Corporation)
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Wiz & Daniel Eckler

Spacecadet is The Marketing VC, fueling a better future with a mix of money + marketing expertise. They're a $15M Pre/Seed fund backed by stellar LPs like Marc Andreessen, Alexis Ohanian, Stewart Butterfield, and investing in founders building a better future at the earliest stages.
Investor In: Function Health, Quilt, and Humans Anonymous
"Spacecadet has been helpful with: 1. Leveraging their hyper creative talent to help founders craft their story for future rounds. 2. Connecting me with new customers and championed our company across social media unprompted. 3. Checking-in often for the sole purpose of being helpful and are clearly present for the long term." — Jonathan Swerdlin (Co-Founder, Function Health)
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Hem Suri

Spark Growth Ventures
Led by Hem Suri, a 2x VC founder and well-rounded operator, Spark Growth Ventures is a community-oriented early- to mid-stage, vertical agnostic tech VC firm. SGV is democratizing access to an institutional grade VC product for its fast-growing global community of 1000+ members comprised of entrepreneurs, executives, subject matter experts, professional investors, small family offices etc. and leverages its community to create value for gritty and exceptional founders in their missions.
Investor In: Placer.ai, tab32, and Redcliffe Labs
"I partnered with Spark to scale my company which is backed by a16z and YC. I specifically wanted to work with Hem Suri as he thinks like a founder yet has the broad vantage point of seeing a lot of companies and deal flow. He has been very helpful as we monetize our unique Bio data set and also close BD deals. As a person, Hem is very supportive of female founders and will respond to my text anytime. I highly recommend Hem and Spark." — Christina K. Lopes (Founder, One Health Company)
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Maya Bakhai

Spice Capital
Spice Capital is investing in founders building for the future of internet native consumers. Spice invests early stage across crypto, capital, and community.
Investor In: Symphony, Bunches, and Wombo
"Maya has been helping our company for a while and what I appreciate the most is that she is completely all in when she decides to fund a startup. She'll use the product extensively, talk to customers, and bring us new, highly informed insights that we might have missed. She brings that founder-level scrappiness to venture capital and is able to come up with creative out of the box solutions for problems we had in growth, product, and marketing. Her positivity and optimism is contagious and it's been the edge that's kept us at the top of the industry." — Shelby Thomas (Co-Founder, Prysm)
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Etienne vantKruys & Damian Williams

Etiënne vantKruys founded TRGC as a digital asset fund in 2020 with the goal of leading the way as a digital assets investor. Their infrastructure and dedicated network provides the foundation to support their portfolio companies in the most aggressive way possible.
Investor In: Eth.Limo, POKT Network, and Fuel Labs
"They are a well established VC within infrastructure and really understood our vision and direction. They have been instrumental in getting a wide network of other projects and investors. They have also coordinated relevant events for us to participate and get get more awareness." — Cuautemoc Weber (Co-Founder, Gateway.fm)
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Nik Milanović

The Fintech Fund
The Fintech Fund is a $10M venture fund investing in the top 1% of fintech and decentralized finance startups globally. It was founded by Nik Milanović, who previously spent 10 years as a fintech operator as Head of BD at Google Pay, VP of Strategy at Petal, and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Funding Circle. The Fintech Fund partners with This Week in Fintech, fintech's largest community group with 50k+ members.
Investor In: Ansa, Paytrix, and Rainforest
"Nik is a visionary in the fintech space, a great connector. He’s successfully created a unique flywheel between This Week in Fintech, the fund, a syndicate, and events that TWIF throws on FOUR continents! Between all this, he still has time to connect with everybody who asks for time, and is always open to lending an ear and positive attitude." — Alex Gillette (LP)
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Sophia Amoruso

Trust Fund
Sophia is the General Partner at Trust Fund, which is focused on investing in private technology and consumer-facing companies. She has deployed $1 million of personal angel checks into over 20 startups including Superhuman, Kindbody, Eight Sleep, Pogo, Base, and others. She is also the Founder & CEO of the digital entrepreneurship program, Business Class. Prior to Trust Fund, Sophia founded and built Nasty Gal to over $100 million in revenue and wrote the New York Times Bestselling Book, #Girlboss.
Investor In: Superhuman, Kindbody, and Eight Sleep
"Sophia is a force of nature. From the moment we met her, she has been a continuous stream of positive impact – from her ideas to product feedback, connections and real talk. She was the first person we sent our Matcha Latte to and her feedback helped make it our #1 product today. Unlike most investors, she regularly checks in to see how we’re doing and whether she can genuinely be helpful. A++ investor who understands the realities of being a founder." — Michael Sharon (Co-Founder, Taika)
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Dave Goldblatt & Tim Ryan

Vibe Capital
Vibe Capital is a $10m Fund that invests in the Web3, AI, and Deep Science sectors at the Pre-Seed and Seed stage.
Investor In: Pipedream Labs, Fauna Bio, and Circle Labs
"They have been incredible positive, they see our vision, and they have been accessible and helpful in making intros to others investors, fellow founders, future customers/partners and getting us acquainted with Silicon Valley." — Maxwell Dordevic (Co-Founder, NeuroX1)


How were fund managers selected?

Emerging 50 is all about highlighting new fund managers that raised and deployed checks in 2022. Hundreds of LPs and founders submitted nominations end of 2022 following the program's announcement. Of course, no list is perfect!

Who's behind Emerging 50?

Emerging 50 is run by the Weekend Fund team. We're an early-stage fund and collaborator with many emerging managers and funds. We started Signature Block as a way to support new managers and crowdsource knowledge from experienced GPs. Emerging 50 is an extension of this project.

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