Market map: Alternative investment platforms

Feb 9, 2023

Alternative investments are entering a golden era. Technological innovation, regulatory changes, and investor demand are creating opportunity for a new class of alternative investment platforms to emerge.

Welcome to another installment in our market map series, a collaborative project mapping emerging opportunities in tech. This deep dive into alternative investment platforms includes research alongside input from founders, investors, and leaders in the space.

Technology can unlock previously inaccessible inventory, create transparency and improve liquidity for alternative assets, and in turn, grow the size of the investable asset market. New startups help investors manage, insure, and leverage alternative assets as easily as you can traditional financial assets like stocks.

We intend for these maps to be useful for investors sourcing and evaluating companies in this space and for founders building in this category.

We’re publishing this as a Google Doc so you can add your suggestions and input. This is a living doc and will never be fully “complete”.

Check it out and add your comments.

Also, we will continue publishing more of these. Reach out to us to let us know which spaces you'd like to see researched and mapped in the future. :)

Additionally, thanks Howard Lindzon, Jack Smith, Joshua Webster, Nick Abouzeid, Rob Petrozzo, and Timothy Blumberg for contributing to this post. Also kudos to Eric Little for leading another map.

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