Market map: SMBTech

Jan 26, 2023

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy, yet tech adoption has historically been low. The space is undergoing major shifts driven by Covid-19, generational management shifts, and other tailwinds.

This is our second market map, a collaborative project mapping emerging opportunities in tech. This deep dive into SMBTech includes input from founders, investors, and leaders in the space.

We hope this is useful for investors sourcing and evaluating companies in this space and for founders building in this category.

We’re publishing this as a Google Doc so you can add your input. This is a living doc and will never be fully “complete”.

Check it out and add your comments.

Also, we'll publish more of these. Let us know which spaces you'd like to see mapped in the future. :)

P.S. Thanks Claire Pan, Danielle Cohen-Shohet, Dezbah Duchicela, Gary Pesola, Jacob Jaber, Neha Govindraj and Shruti Gandhi for contributing to this post. Thanks to Deevy Bhimani, Jeff Baumgarten, Jesse Hercules, Michael Nelson, Michael Tam, Sawyer Middeleer, and Veeraj Mehta for helping us identify companies in this space. Special shoutout to our very own, Selene Xu, for leading this map.

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